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Choosing a Topic For Your Dissertation

Take Your Time to Choose a Dissertation Topic

The topic of your thesis, although the most important part of the process, does not have to be there first decision you make. It will take time to make this important decision. You will have to experiment with many different topics before finding the right one and constructing your dissertation proposal. This process will not be easy, and it will not be fast. You will have to implement a great deal of hard work, and seemingly wasted effort, at times. But remember that even the failed trials are trials none the less, and they will bring you to the topic that you choose for your thesis.

Below are a few simple tips regarding the decision of your dissertation topic. Take our advice and you will be on your way to an outstanding thesis.

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Simple Tips for Thesis Subject and Proposal

Remember that although your topic should be inspiring and fresh, it does not need to be completely original in every sense. It is impossible for every student to come up with a completely groundbreaking topic that will rewrite textbooks. Try taking a fundamental subject matter and putting a spin on it. Look at something from a new perspective and make a contribution to the subject that perhaps has never before been considered.

Be sure to choose a topic that is relevant and appropriate to the degree you are seeking. You want to show your readers that you are focused and knowledgeable about your field of study.

Address a real, standing problem or question that exists. Try to be as relevant as you can to real life issues. You want to engage your readers with information, findings and new perspectives that could change their thinking and give your dissertation proposal purpose in your field and in the world.

Consider the resources that you have and choose a topic accordingly. What subject matters do you have access to? Write about something that you are both knowledgeable and passionate about. And be sure to take advantage of any resources available to you.

Select a topic that is general enough to give you enough length and depth for research, but narrow enough to give focus and purpose. You want to be very specific in your dissertation proposal, but not so much so that you write yourself into a corner and have nowhere to go. Also, try not to get so in depth that you either bore your reader or are not able to give the depth, length or quality that you want to in the time allotted.

Write about what you are interested in. If you are not interested in your writing, neither will your reader be. Writing about something that you are not interested in will also make the process more difficult for you. You will find that you have trouble staying motivated and finishing the task on time. The end result will also be much more ineffective.

Ideally, the topic you choose should be of interest not only to you but also to your advisor. It will be much easier for them to assess and motivate you if they are not invested in the topic with you.

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