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Developing a Good Methodology in PhD Proposal

Writing the PhD paper is not only about completing the chapters but also presenting your readers with the methodology in PhD proposal. This is one of the most important sections that you should not dare neglect if you wish to do well in your PhD proposal. Perhaps, just like other students, you can seek help from professionals, who today would like to share some great tips to use in writing the methodology in PhD proposal.

Tips for a Successful Methodology in PhD Proposal

  1. Bear in mind that the methodology section is about 20 percent of the entire paper. That said you should know that it is a very major aspect of the proposal so always bear that in your head.
  2. In your methodology, you should tell what research you are doing. That is one aspect of the PhD proposal you should not forget about.
  3. Three types to use for this are the qualitative, quantitative, and a mixed of them. Well, you can choose based from what works in your PhD proposal. What is your topic and what research area would you like to focus on? Those are some questions to answer.
  4. You should choose the methods for research and then you must tell why you did select it.
  5. You must ensure that your choice is in relation to your topic and area of studies. You should know that this must be the most effective one to use to give justice to your study.
  6. You should tell about the procedure. You will need to describe the actions you did in your research methodology.
  7. Mention any techniques used if there are.

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