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Educational Research Proposal Topics

education research proposal writing help

The purpose of education research proposal, as well as university project proposal, is in helping students to be focused and in defining their research plans. The plans they have are not binding because it changes as the students go on to their research.

Education Research Proposal Expectations

  • You need to show that you’re engaging in finding out something that is worthwhile in certain context
  • Link your proposed work to work of others
  • Establish a certain theoretical orientation
  • Establish a methodological approach
  • Show you have thoughts with ethical issues

Structure of Proposal for Educational Research

An education research proposal contains important elements although your professor requires inclusion and omission of parts. With that in mind, you need to talk to your professor first.

  • Cover page: It identifies the topic, writer, university, and degree. It proposed the thesis title, your name, qualifications, department, institution, and degree.
  • Table of contents: Lists of sections or proposal as well as page references. It uses titles and subtitles.
  • Background: Information that is related to the educational context of studies
  • Purpose/ Aims of the study: You need to state succinctly and clearly about the purpose of your study. You need to outline about your key research questions as well as aims. It must need to answer research questions what, how, what if or how.
  • Review of literature: You need to show to your professor that you’re aware of significant researchers/writers in the field. It is also important to indicate which topics/ issues you will be focused in your review.
  • Research design: It this section, you need to describe your research a plan that includes understandings of nature of knowledge and how will affect your research.
  • Timetable: It is in a form of a chart, flowchart or timeline.
  • Thesis structure: It is where you describe the focus of every proposed chapter
  • Significance/ expected and outcome of the study: It is about predicting the importance of study as well as expected outcomes. It closely relates to aims.
  • Glossary of terms: It is a page of terms together with their meanings that are not familiar with other people.
  • References: List of works that you have consulted and useful for your research.

There you go the best tips or guide you can follow in making your education or academic research proposals. You can have it as your guide so that you can get started researching and planning what you will need to do.

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