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FAQ about Writing a PhD Proposal

Do you recommend using PhD samples to get ideas for writing a PhD proposal?
Not really.  A better idea is to do a literature review surrounding your topic to see what has been done.  You are sure to encounter some samples there but you won’t waste time searching through databases for samples similar to your topic. Writing a PhD proposal should result in either a unique topic or a unique way of addressing a topic.   Instead of searching for samples, focus on researching your topic idea right away to get ideas for a sharper focus and some of those ideas may come from samples.  We can help you with a literature review for your topic idea.
Do your writers use PhD thesis databases to write a PhD proposal?
No.  If their research points to a PhD thesis that is relevant to your topic, it might be cited but those theses are generally published in journals or university approved databases.  Our writers do not make use of the kinds of PhD thesis database you find on the Internet where you can buy someone else’s work.  We do custom work to write a PhD proposal for all of our clients.
Can you help with whatever PhD research and data collection I might need for my dissertation?
Yes.  We hire only writers with advanced academic degrees.  For PhD proposal writing help, you will be assigned to a writer with a PhD in your field and practical research and writing experience.  If your PhD proposal requires some preliminary research, we can do that for you.  We can also do the necessary statistical calculations and analyze the results
Can your writers help me do a PhD thesis search to see what else has been done in my topic area?
Yes, we can help do a PhD thesis search for relevant research that has been done.  We make sure all our writers have access to all necessary academic journals and scientific research publications where they can perform the PhD thesis search.
My budget is a little tight. Can I get help with a PhD thesis online?
No, what you will find on for help with a PhD thesis online are general articles about the steps in the process.  You will find very little about how to do the kind of high-level research needed for writing a PhD dissertation, and in some cases for writing the PhD dissertation proposal as well.
How do I find PhD thesis topics?
We can help you refine a general idea into something specific enough for writing a PhD proposal.  But the ideas must come from something you find interesting and worthwhile.  If you give us a list of unanswered questions about issues in your field of study, we might be able to help.
I only need PhD dissertation help with statistical calculations. I have already collected the data but I don’t know what to do with it and I don’t know what it means.
Yes we can run your data for you and analyze the results.  We can also provide you with some conclusions and solutions based on our analysis.
What is the difference between a PhD thesis proposal and a PhD research proposal?
When writing a PhD research proposal you not only have to say what you plan to do but also how you plan to do it.  What are you investigating and what kind of research will you do.  Think of a PhD research proposal as a subset of writing t PhD proposal in its entirety.

Do you have any questions left concerning our PhD proposal writing services? Feel free to ask!

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