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How to Choose the Optimal PhD Proposal Length?

One of the final and the concluding steps towards gaining a PhD degree is presenting a PhD proposal. This proposal is usually reviewed by the appointed dissertation committee and only then you can expect to get a go ahead to further carry on with your research or to ask queries related to the project to the committee or your direct guide.

Choosing Optimal PhD Proposal Length

  • One of the most important factors in making of a good PhD proposal is the PhD proposal length.  The length of the proposal technically should never be beyond 10 to 40 pages but it may vary depending upon the topic of research you have taken.
  • For making the proposal crisp and to the point, you should take points from various references and research extensively.
  • The focus area of the entire topic should be pre-decided. This helps in maintaining the proposal length to the normal limits.
  • You can maintain the PhD proposal length limit by avoiding repetition of the questions that have already been answered and the question should be taken only when you are convinced that the solution to it has been wrongly produced in the earlier version.
  • The best way to be within the optimal length is by restricting your introduction content to 10 to 20 percent of the overall proposal. This way other important factors can be managed well within the remaining pages.
  • Bibliography or the indication of the references you would be using for the thesis should be clearly mentioned. For this, you should first research which books, and guides can help you reach the desired destination.
  • Instead of restricting your research, focus more on one topic and explore wildly to ensure that information of importance is entirely covered.

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You can always tread your own path while presenting a proposal for dissertation or PhD but if you follow the discipline expected by the committee, the chances of getting immediate acceptance is more. It also reflects that you are a serious researcher who expects to fulfill all the norms and research related conditions faithfully.

Now that you know the proper phd proposal length, go ahead and start writing!

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