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How to Write a Doctoral Proposal

A crucial part in doctoral thesis proposal or writing doctoral thesis is to start writing about it. Making a proposal is not easy because students must need to do their best with it. It is the key criteria whether their proposal will be accepted or not. This page will guide you on how to write a proposal as well as suggestions on what you should include and what you should not.

How to Write a Doctoral Proposal

  • Make sure to define and formulate an interesting and clear research questions. This can take form of open-ended inquiry or hypothesis to be tested.
  • Establish the value and relevance of proposed research question in context of highlighting the originality, academic thinking and significance.
  • Make an outline about practical methodology. Be sure it is clear to enable you in answering research questions, evaluate and describe any source or data material that you will draw soon as you start making your thesis.
  • Make a suggestion about what you hope to find out or discover at the end of your research.
  • Do not forget to provide a provisional timeline for your research.
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Basically, a doctoral proposal must be between 1500 to 2000 words in length excluding the references and abstract. Before you create your final application, you need to revise it many times in making sure it is well-structured, clearly written, outline the methodology, great review about existing literature and an explanation about your proposed research.

Structure of Doctoral Proposal

  • Title page: Title of your proposed research.
  • Abstract: An overview about your general area of study like summarizing why, how and what. It can be about 300 words in length.
  • Literature review: You need to develop your proposal in demonstrating that you are aware on significant issues, debates and themes in relevant literature and identifying gaps. You need to show that you understand how important the information in your research.
  • Research questions: You need to outline your objectives and aims of research.
  • Methodology: Explain what methods of investigation you’re planning to utilize in your research. Be sure to provide justification.
  • Timeline or Research Planning: It is about the outline of your time scale that indicates how long your tasks to take as well as sequence of project in time available.
  • References: It is about the list of your references to texts and key articles.

There you go the valuable tips you can follow in writing about your proposal. It is your help so that you never much have a hard time getting started on the things you should do. In addition, you may also know more about how to write a PhD doctoral thesis by visiting our site.

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