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How to Write a Good PhD Thesis Literature Review

Writing your PhD thesis literature review might be overwhelming especially if you don’t know how to come up with the best one that will impress your professor. You can have the most of it if you would think of coming up with the right steps to accomplish the task.

Tips for a Successful PhD Thesis Literature Review

  1.  You need to decide well on what research area you would like to focus on. This will help you have a roadmap or a clear destination when it comes to performing your research, writing, and editing.
  2. You should also get the best sources of data which include books and online sources.  However, do not include any of these if you do not verify them.
  3. You can choose the literature to review. You should know about those articles or books which you might be interested to review. You can find these sources in the library. You can devote some time for this activity. This is a very critical aspect of your study.
  4. You can also think of finding associated or connect excerpts in your articles and books. You can skim or scan the contents of a book or article to see if they contain these main points: terms definition, conclusions, claims, findings, gaps you found, and disagreement, among others.
  5. You should type in those relevant excerpts using your Word processor. You should not, however, think of summarizing them. This could take longer. You can just type the excerpt of what you found.
  6. You should not forget to code the literature that you will review.
  7. You should be ready to make your coded themes.  What do you think about the ideas—do they agree or contradict each other?
  8. You can start with your review of the literature. Think of these tips in writing the PhD thesis proposal.
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