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How to Write an A + Non-Empirical Dissertation

What Is Non Empirical Research?

This is probably best explained by reviewing what empirical research is. Empirical research requires you to gather data, this can be either qualitative or quantitative information and this is usually new data on which to base your research. Non-empirical dissertation research does require you to actually physically gather any data; it is more of a library based form of research. Need more information on how to write an effective empirical dissertation? Come to us right now.

You will be looking more at the philosophy and theories to support your non empirical data around the topic area in which you are working. This will involve carefully reviewing the works of others, many of whom will have already conducted primary empirical research in your topic area. You will not physically gather any new data, instead rely on what others have already discovered to find new ways of interpreting their findings.

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Non empirical knowledge and studies are often harder to undertake than other forms of research and can also often be hard to draw them to a conclusion. With empirical data you have clear data that you can analyze, you can use SPSS for qualitative data and NVivo for Qualitative analysis of data to review your information. With non empirical research, you are getting into the philosophy around your subject area. These forms of studies are often undertaken far more therefore in subject areas such as sociology and psychology. With our assistance on your narrative dissertation writing, you will obviously succeed.

Non Empirical Data and Dissertation Structure

Once you can define non empirical research and have decided that this is the form your study will take you will need to consider how your actual paper will look. Your academic paper must be correctly formatted and structured for your specific course and university. You must always check with your supervisor as to the exact requirements and follow them perfectly; if you do not then your paper could easily be rejected even if your findings are robust.

A typical structure for your paper will look something like:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methods
  • Findings
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

Empirical and non empirical research will follow a very similar structure, however, your methods of research are going to be very different. You will not be using any original data collection of your own. Instead, you will be using what other researchers have discovered and used their information in a unique way to come up with new ideas in your field. Often research of a non-empirical nature will lead to empirical research by others at a later stage seeking to prove or even disprove the theories that you will propose through your writing.

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