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How to Write an Academic Research Proposal

Writing an academic research proposal is not easy that is why if it’s your first time to construct research proposal for you academic, you need a guide. In this page, you will witness how you can able to make a good paper on your own.

Steps in Writing Academic Research Proposals

It does not matter if you will be creating a qualitative or a quantitative research because what important is that you create an outline with the reasons you are proposing in making the studies as well as what the procedures or process you need to follow in completing your proposal. Some of the essential parts in making a good research proposal include:

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  • Determine your topic: It is the first step you need to do in writing your research proposal. You need to think or identify a general topic that you want to investigate. Sometimes, this is an easy step because your proposal will be tied to overall theme of the course and normally, it is sometimes determined by your professor who leads the class, department chair or advisory committee.

  • Performing a literature review on your topic: The next step is to read numerous literatures on the subject matter while you are reading, you need to start making notes and summarize your purpose and findings.

  • Determining the gap in the literature: The purpose of the literature review is not to take notes or copy from bunch of books and articles but the purpose is you need to understand what studies have been conducted and done about the subject and then begin to identify the glaring gaps in literature

  • Identifying problems by the gap in literature and frame a purpose for your study: When you are done performing the literature review and identified the gap for it, the next thing you need to do is to identify a problem related to gap and frame a purpose of statements for the reason that why you’re investigating, what will you propose and why should other people care for your study

  • Starting to write an introduction: The time you identified such a problem and have propose statement, you need to start crafting your introduction. in your introduction, it includes about problem statement, summary of literature and brief overview of the gap in literature.

  • Framing research questions and research hypotheses in investigating the study

  • To determine method of investigation

  • Outlining research design

  • Defining sample size and characteristics of the research

  • Describing the procedures to follow data analyses and data collection

There you go the best tips on how you should write your academic research proposal. Start now while you have lots of time.

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