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The Secrets to Marketing PhD Thesis

Would You Need Help with a PhD Thesis in Marketing Management?

writing marketing sampleWriting your marketing PhD thesis is the culmination of several years of hard work conducting research within your chosen field. Providing the examining committee with original research that is well written will help you to gain your doctorate degree and put you in a position to hold a position that will attract a significant salary. An average wage for a marketing manager is in the region of $144,000 so this is a very lucrative area in which to work. But first you will need to gain that degree and this means completing your thesis to a very high standard. If your thesis is not done in the correct academic style or if your English is not of the standard that is expected then your paper may be rejected or returned to you for revisions.

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Requirements for Writing Your PhD Thesis on Marketing

Each university and even department will have very specific rules regarding how your paper should be formatted and written and you should take great care to ensure that you fully understand the specific requirements placed on your paper. Submitting work that does not meet those requirements will cause your paper to be rejected back to you. They expect your paper to be as good as all of the many other papers that they will have lodged within their library.

Typical requirements for a paper will be as follow:

  • Paper should have a cover page or title page; this will typically be included as page 1 of your thesis
  • Abstracts are usually between 250 and 350 words in length and you should consider keywords that may be used to search for your thesis when writing it
  • Page format will usually require clear margins of at least 1” on all sides
  • Text will usually be double spaced
  • Bibliography or reference sections must be included
  • The correct academic style should be applied throughout your work consistently for citations
  • Font size is usually of 12pt or 11pt size

What to Avoid When Writing Your PhD Thesis

phd thesis mistakesThere are many mistakes that can be made when you set out to write your Phd marketing thesis and these must be avoided at all costs if you are going to be able to submit an acceptable paper before your deadline. The following are just a few of the things that you may do wrong and what you should be doing to counter the issue:

  • Not understanding the requirements for your paper; always work with your supervisor right from the start to fully understand what is expected from your paper. They should be able to provide you with full guidance as to the structure and format of your paper as well as an idea as to how it should be written. Most will be able to provide you with a template with the correct layout for your work.
  • Not planning your work; leaving your writing until the last moment prior to your submission deadline is not advised. But many students think that because they have a long period of time in which they need to do the work that they can keep putting things off. Always carefully plan your writing and research and ensure that you meet all of your milestones.
  • Failing to maintain your writing pace; get into a habit of doing your research and writing at the same time each and every day. If you can make it routine with clear goals for each day then your will ensure that you make clear progress with your work.
  • Not using reliable sources for your work; for your paper you will need to ensure that you use only reliable sources that you can trust. This will mean using your library to look at previous papers in your field, journals and others sources; not only the internet. Ensure that proper citations are made for the sources that you use.
  • Not creating an outline; a clear outline of your thesis will help you to fully understand what should belong in each section as well as highlighting any issues with your content at an early stage. It will help to ensure that you reduce the amount of rewriting that is required of you.
  • Not using your supervisor; your supervisor is a great source of information and can be used as a sounding board for almost anything that you are struggling with. Always meet regularly with them and share what you are doing to get the best advice.
  • Not doing sufficient revisions to your work. Your first draft will never be that perfect paper that the committee will be looking for. It is very important that you allow plenty of time to allow for you to do sufficient revisions to ensure that your work is in perfect academic English throughout.
  • Not proofreading your work; submitting a marketing thesis that is riddled with errors will ensure that your work is returned to you for revisions or even rejected outright. It is very important that you take the time to proofread your work and do not simply expect your spell check to find issues for you. If possible have another proofread your thesis for you as this will be more effective.

Some Examples of PhD Thesis on Marketing

The following are some examples of marketing PhD theses that you can look at to get an idea as to how your own should be structured and written:

  • “Marketing to the bottom of the pyramid”, Tendai Fortune Chikweche, 2009, University of Western Sydney
  • “Study of the Effectiveness of Online Marketing On Integrated Marketing Communications”, Amruta V. Pawar, 2014, D.Y.Patil University

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We Can Help with Your Marketing PhD

marketing thesis helpNo matter what support you may need with your thesis from selecting your topic areas through to editing your final paper our services can provide you the support that you need. All of our help is provided through staff that hold relevant PhD degrees of their own and have many years of experience with helping students such as yourself. All of the support that is provided comes with a full satisfaction money back guarantee and is always delivered to you perfectly formatted on time. All writing is checked for plagiarism and then proofread to a high standard to ensure that it is error free and unique to you.

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