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Methodology Chapter in PhD Proposal

Whenever you are doing a PhD, you come across one of the most important section of the whole PhD proposal and that is the methodology proposal. Very few people are aware that around 20 percent of the proposal part is dedicated to methodology section. Understandingly so as the main aim of any methodology part is to put forth a detailed discussion of the entire research on the PhD topic.

Mostly the methodology proposal is considered to be well presented when it is done systematically and in the proper sections. The following sections will guide you as to what exactly should be discussed and mentioned and when:

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Introducing Your Type of Research in PhD Proposal

When you are making a proposal for a PhD, it is important that you discuss the details about the type of research you are going to conduct. This discussion can be further categorized as:

  • Qualitative discussion: In this you have to give references of theories on the basis of which your methodology proposal will be created. Good examples to highlight your understanding of the theories can establish your ability to take the subject further and do a PhD on it.
  • Quantitative discussion: This will include mentioning the number of pages and references and all the other related statistics of research. Thorough explanation is important so that your guide can understand your approach properly and direct you accordingly.
  • Mixed research: This is a type of conclusion of the methodology chapter in which little of both qualitative and quantitative discussion is involved.

A good proposal goes a long way in impressing your guide and the chances of acceptance of your PhD proposal increases manifold.

Discussing Your Research Procedure

This is very important to establish your interest and authority over the topic you are proposing for PhD. Before settling for a particular topic, its background, necessity and the effect of your PhD should be evaluated so that when you present a proposal your in depth study and research oriented attitude is reflected clearly.

Efforts put in the PhD proposal always go a long way as they can be used for further research when you actually start working on a PhD.

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