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PhD Thesis in Literature: High Grade - to Be or Not to Be?

writing a thesis in literatureWriting your PhD thesis in literature is going to take up several years of your life and require you to submit a document that not only contains robust research but is also written in perfect English. Many students find themselves struggling with organizing themselves to get all of the work done to the standards required as well as maintaining an interest in the research that is expected of them. In fact, around half of those that begin their PhD will drop out for one reason or another. Many of those that go on to study for a PhD in Literature will do so to follow a teaching career. The average salary for a literature professor is a little over $71,000 making it a lucrative area in which to teach.

But first, you have to get that PhD dissertation literature accepted so that you gain that doctorate. Many students find that they need help with their PhD thesis writing at this level and will want to contact our specialized services. We can provide you with all of the help and support that you need to submit work of the highest standard through our highly specialized PhD consultants.

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PhD Thesis in Literature: High Grade – to Be or Not to Be?

thesis in literature structureThere is no simple one size fits all format that you will be expected to follow. Each university and subject area generally has slight variations as to how your paper will be put together. Always check with your supervisor for clear instructions as to how many pages are expected of you both a minimum and maximum page count as well as to how each of those pages should be laid out. Failing to follow those instructions could see your thesis is rejected. Most supervisors will be able to provide you with a template that should be correctly formatted for your paper. However, to ensure that your word processing program does not change any aspect of the templates formatting.

Avoid Issues with Your Thesis Writing

Many students think that they will be able to complete their thesis without too many problems. This is rarely the case and most will struggle at some point with their research and writing.

The following are some of the key mistakes that most students will make:

  • Failing to spend enough time selecting PhD thesis in English literature topics: your area of research must not only be something that will be considered important by your peers it must also be something that will keep you personally interested. Trying to conduct research and write about something for potentially several years will take an enormous amount of dedication.
  • Not making use of your supervisor: not only will your supervisor be knowledgeable in your area of research they will also fully understand how your paper should be constructed and written. Many students fail to meet with their supervisors often enough and do not make use of what they can provide for you. Ensure that you have regular meetings and share all aspects of your progress and the problems that you have encountered.
  • Failing to use the university library: many students get into the habit of simply “Goggling” for anything they want to find out. While the internet may be quick it is not going to always provide you with reliable and accurate information. Use your library to access previous research and also journals and other sources that can be relied on.
  • Not making comprehensive notes: it is very easy to just read for the sake of simply reading and you may fail to actually take the notes that you need for your own writing. Ensure that you also have a clear understanding of the information that you need to record for your correctly formatted citations and references.
  • Not planning your work, or simply not following the plan that you created: with years to get the work done the temptation is to keep putting off your writing until you have done yet more research. This can be a huge mistake when you suddenly find that you have just a few short months into which to cram all of your writing. Have a clear plan with milestones that you must meet and stick to it.
  • Failing to make time to do your work: writing a PhD thesis requires discipline and for many a clearly defined routine. Get into the habit of doing your writing at the same time each day and have a clear target for what you will achieve.
  • Not outlining your work: many will simply launch into their writing rather than spending the time to draft out an outline of what their work should cover. A simple concise outline can prevent a huge amount of rewriting as well as helping you to identify any issues at an early stage in your writing.
  • Not allowing time to revise your work: often what you will write at a later stage will require you to review what you have earlier put down in writing. In addition to this, you will also want to ensure that your word choices are appropriate and that your work flows perfectly.
  • Not proofreading your thesis paper: any think that simply using the grammar checker and spelling facility on their computer will find everything. It will not; computers often miss incorrectly placed words, double words, and may even suggest incorrect changes. Always proofread your writing by hand and if possible have it done professionally to ensure that there are no issues.

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Thesis Examples for Your PhD Writing

The following are examples of PhD theses in English literature that may give you a good idea as to how your own should be structured and written:

  • Taboo and transgression: reconfiguring the monstrous in contemporary British fiction. Byatt, Jim.
  • Poisoners, Larcenists, and the Mad Chambermaid: Villainy in Late Victorian Detective Fiction. Filion, Jennifer.
  • Liberty or death: a practical and theoretical exploration of alternatives to free will and determinism in contemporary historical fiction, Johnstone, Michael.

We Can Help with Your English Literature PhD Thesis

phd thesis in literatureWe offer superior help with your PhD thesis through some of the best qualified and most experienced consultants that you will find online. With many years operating in this area we are able to pair you with a consultant that has a PhD in English Literature and understanding of the research that you are undertaking. This ensures that you will receive an expert level of support in the field of your writing. All of our support is delivered in close cooperation with our specialists and is tested for plagiarism as well as being proofread to a high standard.

If you want affordable and reliable help with your PhD thesis in literature simply contact our thesis writing and editing services today.

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