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PhD Thesis Proposal Writing Guide

PhD Thesis Proposal Format Guide

If you are writing a thesis proposal for your PhD you need to follow this simple PhD thesis proposal format while ensuring that everything is written in perfect English and contains no grammatical or punctuation errors.

General PhD Thesis Proposal Format

  • Title page – Written in much the same way as the full thesis requires but must highlight the fact that this is your proposal.
  • Abstract – Normally only 350 words (a single page) to summarize the entire thesis proposal.
  • Introduction – This section will introduce the readers to your area of study explaining the issues, circumstances and the background within which your problem lies.
  • Problem statement – Generally this is where you identify an area of uncertainty or your dissatisfaction with current knowledge. You then clearly state the purpose of your thesis and how it will improve the available knowledge within your field of study.
  • Background information – You need to show a link between what you intend to study and the available knowledge in your area of research. You should identify some of the relevant pieces of work that will provide a background to your proposed work.
  • Your hypothesis or research question(s) – This should be consistent with your problem statement and should flow on from your background information, the hypothesis should be clear and simply stated.
  • Processes and Methods – Exactly how will you go about gathering and analyzing your data. What methods will you use, and why. What sampling techniques will be employed, will there be controls in place, and everything relevant about your methods should be detailed fully.
  • Any Limitations – identify any likely weaknesses with your proposed work which may impact your findings.
  • References – a full list of all work cited within the body of your proposal in the correct format.

PhD Proposal Template

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