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Professional Academic Proposal Writing

An academic project proposal will be the first step in order to produce a major project or thesis. The intention of it is to convince an academic committee or supervisor that your topic is great and the approach is good. You need to think of a good topic for your proposal to be accepted and to proceed with actual research.

Academic Proposal Writing Elements

In academic proposal writing, it must need to contain elements that include:

  • A rationale for your choice of topic that shows why it is essential and useful within the concerns of the course, but it is also needs to indicate about the limitations of what are your aims and avoid promising what you cannot deliver.
  • A review of an existing published work related to your topic. With this, you need to tell about your proposed work like how it would build existing studies.
  • An outline of your methodology and intended approach that include resources needed costs and timeline of when you will finish all things.

PhD Proposal Template

Our Approach to PhD Proposal Writing
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General Tips in Writing Academic Proposals

Certain disciplines have standard ways in organizing proposal and you need to ask your department about expectation in your field. You need to organize your material and be sure you will emphasize the focus of your project. As much as possible, you need to use lists, visuals and headings to make cross reference and reading easy. Here are general tips!

  • Begin why your ideas are worth doing
  • Provide sufficient information in establishing feasibility but not too much in order not to bore your readers
  • Show that you have the ability in dealing with problems and changes in your focus
  • Show that you have confidence as well as eagerness
  • Clearly describe your issue and establish your intent
  • State your thesis clearly
  • Make an outline about your questions that you want to address in your proposal
  • Make a strong research design, methodology and theoretical framework for your study
  • Discuss the significance of your study
  • Keep a bibliography

There you go the general tips you must need to know in making academic research proposals. It is your guide so that you at least have ideas on what you should do.

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