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Professional Doctoral Thesis Proposal Writing

A doctoral thesis proposal typically between 20 to 25 pages. Sections vary depending in students decide to do. When it comes to section headings, it needs to follow a consistent and logical format. For a professional PhD thesis writing, read this page.

Thesis Doctoral Professional Writing

  • Title page: In a doctoral thesis, a title page is important. Your page should include details that encountered on title page except for proposal. In writing, you need to write the first five words of the title and followed by subtitle.
  • Abstract: Your abstract must need to be brief and does not exceed to 350 words. It should be a summary about your introduction, statement of the problem, research questions/ hypotheses, background of study and methods & procedures.
  • Introduction: In this section, it must provide information about the general overview of issues, background and circumstances that lead to a problem under investigation.
  • Statement of Problem: Your statement of the problem must need to be brief stating about dissatisfaction or uncertainty with knowledge about the field. It must need to be precise and clear in identifying the purpose of study.
  • Background of study: It must need to be a review of important empirical and theoretical works that provides broad background or theoretical grounding of the study.
  • Research questions/ hypotheses: It should be clear and flow logically from discussion of background of study as well as to be consistent with statement of the problem.
  • Methods and procedures: In this section, it should indicate what type of study, how the study will be conducted, how information will be obtained, what information or date will be used, what sampling techniques will be used and what controls will be applied in ensuring integrity. It needs to describe techniques in analyzing data with references to hypotheses or research questions.
  • References: All studies cited must need to be placed in the reference list by using standard formatting or proper citation methods.

PhD Proposal Template

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Creating a doctoral thesis proposal or  PhD thesis acknowledgement is not easy and with tips, you will have a guide on how to get started. It is your help for you not to be stressed. If you don’t know where to start, learn the tips and you will have a wonderful thesis proposal.

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