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Proposing An Original Thesis For Your Dissertation Proposal

When it comes to constructing your dissertation proposal, being original is key. However, it is not always easy to come up with a thesis that is completely original. In fact, I would offer that it is impossible to ever be truly original. Everything that we discover or think of came from something else. We are constantly building on previous ideas, looking for ways to prove and disprove them, add to them, and use them in other areas of research. Everything we do stems from something that has already been done. So when we say to be original in your proposal for dissertation research, we do not mean for you to stress over discovering something that has in no way ever been thought of. We also do not mean that you have to reinvent the wheel.

So What Does Being Original Mean?

The best thing to do when constructing your thesis for your dissertation proposal is to think of what interests you. Is there research that has been done in the past regarding this subject matter that you could build off of? The more interested you are in your topic, the better your thesis will be written, and the more convincing you will be. Start investigating a certain series of research that you may be able to build from and find an area within that research that you could delve deeper into. Perhaps conduct a preliminary experiment on a very small scale to discover if the study will be lucrative.

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Focus and Specificity of Your Dissertation Proposal

Make sure that your area of focus is specific enough that you will have ample focus, but general enough that you will have plenty of information to cover. You do not want to study yourself into a corner and have only a limited amount of information. If you find that your topic is too specific, try relating it to something else and making a comparison in order to further prove your point. Be careful not to repeat yourself or talk too much about the existing research, as this will take away from the originality of the proposal.

Be Careful When Writing

Just because something is original does not mean that it is correct. Be sure that you have a good amount of confidence in the probability of your thesis, or your dissertation will fall apart. Get deep enough into your research before beginning the dissertation to establish a good basis for your thesis. But don’t go too far, as you will leave nothing to be discovered later in the process, and you will lose your reader by providing no mystery.

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