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The How-To's of UNSW PhD Thesis

Do You Need Help Writing a Thesis for UNSW?

help writing a thesisThe University of New South Wales is one of the top 50 Universities in the world as well as being ranked no 1 in the region for academic research. Graduates are also some of the most employable according to LinkedIn. So gaining your Phd degree at the university that has also awarded over $81 million in scholarships over the last year will be a real feather in your cap.

But of course, your UNSW PhD thesis must be completed to a very high standard indeed if you are going to graduate. The writing requirements must be followed to the letter as well as ensuring that you have conducted robust research that will be important to your field. If your thesis is not finished to the right standard then it could be returned to you for revisions delaying your graduation or it may even be rejected outright.

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So getting all of the advice and PhD application help that you can for UNSW is very important if you want to make sure that you will gain your doctorate degree. Our services are highly specialized and are able to provide you with all of the help and support that you need to submit a paper of the highest standard.

UNSW Thesis Format

As with any other university, the UNSW has very strict requirements for the format of its papers that must be met prior to submission. The full details of the formatting requirements for a UNSW PhD thesis can be found on their official website. The following are some of the things that are specified in the guide and must be followed to the letter if you want to ensure that your paper gets accepted:

  • All submissions must have a title page that is constructed as per their requirements
  • You must submit a signed originality statement to indicate that all work is your own
  • Your work must have an abstract of no more than 350 words
  • All writing must be 1.5 or double spaced
  • Margins should be a minimum of 40mm left and 20mm right with 30mm at the top and 20mm at the bottom
  • All pages must be consecutively numbered at the bottom
  • All these must have a bibliography or references section
  • There must be a signed Copyright Statement and Authenticity Statement

Writing an Effective Thesis for UNSW

Getting your writing done perfectly is vital if you want to ensure that you gain your degree at this premier Australian University. The following tips will help you to ensure that you get all of your research and writing done to a high standard:

  • Be clear as to all formatting and submission requirements before you start your writing. Your supervisor will probably be able to provide you with a correctly formatted template for your writing to make it easier.
  • Plan your writing before you start. While your research may take several years you should not leave all of your writing until the last minute. Create a plan that clearly highlights your milestones for completing your writing. Remember that your order may be very different from the actual structure of the paper with introduction and abstracts being written last in many cases. Always allow a significant amount of time for revisions and proofreading.
  • Discipline yourself to get your work done. Having a place to work that is distraction free and doing your work at the same time every day will help you to achieve your goals. Get yourself into the habit of getting things finished every day and have clear goals as to what you need to achieve.
  • Create an outline of your thesis paper to guide your writing. A clear outline will help you to not only understand what needs to be covered within each section of your paper it will also help you to identify early on if you have any gaps or other issues in your research.
  • Keep very careful and comprehensive notes when doing your research so that you have all of the information that will be required for your citations and bibliography. Ensure that all citations are reflected in the bibliography and that they are formatted correctly in a consistent style.
  • Do not neglect the support of your supervisor. UNSW has some excellent staff that will be able to provide you with a huge amount of help in ensuring that your work is done correctly. Remember that is you fail it reflects just as badly on them so they are going to be eager to help you.
  • Edit your work. Your writing must be in a very precise academic style as well as be robustly written. Review your writing to be sure that it flows correctly and that your word choices are appropriate. Expect to spend time reviewing your writing more than once as your overall thesis develops.
  • Proofread before submission. No matter how careful you are with your writing you will still make errors. So it is vital that you thoroughly proofread all of your paper prior to submission. Even better have it proofed by others as they are more likely to find errors that you may overlook.

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Some Well Known Graduates of UNSW

When you graduate from UNSW you will be among some very well known and high achieving alumni such as:

  • Bob Carr – former minister for foreign affairs.
  • Peter Garret – environmentalist, politician, and lead singer of the band Midnight Oil.
  • Lucy Turnbull – businesswoman and former mayor of Sydney.
  • Matthew Reilly – best-selling action thriller writer.

Get the Best Help with Writing Your Thesis at UNSW

unsw phd thesisWith more than 5 years providing support to students we have a full team of highly skilled writers and editors that are able to help you with your thesis. They work directly with you through our online service to always ensure that you receive work that is totally unique to you as well as being perfectly written. All services are delivered on time after full proofreading with a plagiarism report and are covered by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee.

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