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What Is Collection of Articles and How to Write It?

Can You Gain Your PhD with a Collection of Articles?

An alternative method to submitting a single lengthy paper after several years of research for your PhD is to publish several articles around your subject area. While this route is not offered by every university it is becoming more acceptable, especially in the UK and Europe. Universities from MIT through to Glasgow University in the UK offer this style of option for your doctorate. If you need more helpful information on monograph writing, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Not every university offers this option, nor do all academics support it. However, it is a much better route if you are looking to ensure that your work gets published; although it is not a requirement that all works are published for an article thesis.

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Each university has very specific requirements for their article publishing and methods of writing and these should be followed very carefully right from the start to avoid any issues. Our specialist writing and editing services are able to provide you support throughout this process and can help you within any specific subject area through our highly qualified staff.

How Does a Thesis by Publication Work?

Rather than a single paper, you will publish a collection of articles, usually between 5 and 7 during the process of your research. This figure can vary by university and can be as few as 3 although generally you will be expected to provide as much information as you would through a more traditional doctorate degree paper. One of the issues of this degree is that you may end up working with others on some of your articles and this can cause some problems with regards to the originality of research. Most universities will expect that you are the first named author of any accepted article, while others may require you to only use those articles that you have authored alone. Again always carefully check with your supervisor as to exactly what the rules and expectations are. Learn more about empirical dissertations here.

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While not all article theses require your articles all to have been published it will, of course, be better for your own reputation if they are. Usually, you will want to try to get your works include within one of the main journals within your field. A collection of academic articles is called a journal in most fields and some have several that you can choose from to get published in. Your published articles will help you to also gain feedback from your peers in your area of research. Most scholarly journals are included with other library materials in your university and you will be able to see other recently-published reviews and research within them to see how others are publishing their work.

You will, however, need to do more than simply write your articles. You will need to support them with a shorter thesis that ties them all together. Again every university has different rules on this paper and their requirements vary from just 2,500 words up to some 25,000 words. Your paper will introduce your paper and your methods and will use the Articles as your main body and include your collection of articles citations so that the reader can see how they all fit together.

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We Can Help with Your Collection of Articles in English

Many students no matter where they are in their research will struggle with their writing. Every journal has very specific requirements for the formatting and structure of articles that it will publish and many will require you to provide a proposal first also. Your university will also have very specific requirements for what they expect from your supporting thesis or dissertation that will cover your articles.

Our experts are highly experienced with this form of doctorate writing and we are able to provide you with a PhD qualified expert in your field. This ensures that they are highly knowledgeable in the subject area of your research as well as being able to provide all of the help that you need with correctly writing up your research. Our experts work with you closely right from the start and are able to help you with everything from writing an individual article through to the whole collection of articles required and the supporting paper to collect them together into one unique work of your own. We offer everything from help with research and writing through to editing and proofreading of your work.

As a professional service, we provide you with a full range of support that includes unlimited revisions on all services, proofreading by certified staff and plagiarism testing. We guarantee that the help that we provide will be error free and unique to you as well as being always delivered within the deadline that you have agreed with us. All of the help that we provide is very affordable and competitively priced as well as being covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantees.

If you want help gaining your doctorate with a collection of articles just contact our highly experienced staff here today for a support that you can trust completely!

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